Memorial Day Weekend DUI Enforcement

Memorial Day weekend is almost here! For many of us, this holiday of remembrance also marks the beginning of summertime, a season of vacations, barbecues, pool parties, and suntans.

But celebrate responsibly, because DUI task forces are in full swing. Last year in 2011, police departments together on a Memorial Day initiative arrested over 300 people on DUI charges during the holiday weekend. Aggravated DUI charges totaled 39, and there were 78 DUI arrests for individuals under 21. The average BAC reported for these arrests was 0.144, very close to Extreme DUI levels of 0.15%.

This year will be no different. Sixty-five Arizona police agencies are joining again to form special DUI task forces around the state. Enforcement efforts began this past Wednesday, and run through Monday. They will be patrolling statewide, and operating 6 DUI vans set up at various checkpoints around the valley. In Phoenix, the main areas of focus are the east Phoenix metro suburbs, the University of Phoenix Stadium area in Glendale, and the Carefree highway leading towards Lake Pleasant. If you are planning on going to the lake, a game, or any major event, be safe and don’t let these checkpoints take you by surprise. Wait until you get there to crack open a beer, and if you do, give your keys to a friend. DUI enforcement efforts almost always increase during holiday weekends, so keep this in mind during the Fourth of July as well.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Arizona ranks 9th out of 50 states in terms strict of DUI enforcement. What this means is that already-strict DUI detection efforts in this state will be even more strict this weekend, so you go to a pool party or barbecue this weekend and you’ve had a few beers, send a sober driver to the store to pick up more chips or ice. Also, do not forget that BAC calculators on your Smartphone are usually not very accurate, and they’re definitely not safe to rely on if you’re wondering whether or not you could drive. Blood alcohol levels can vary based on food intake, body composition, as well as other factors.

So stock up on charcoal and hamburger buns before that pool party, and if you do drink, let somebody else drive so that you can enjoy this 3-day weekend free of worry!




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