If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, no matter if it is a misdemeanor or felony, for alcohol or drugs, or with a breath or a blood test, you should hire an attorney who has significant experience in DUI cases.

How To Choose An Excellent DUI Lawyer In Arizona

The stigma of the arrest by itself sends many clients into anxiety mode. The investigatory process may take months, sometimes up to a year; depositions of police officers, an investigation into forensics, and researching legal issues all while keeping you in the loop is part of this process.

Navigating Unknown DUI Issues

The person you choose for representation must know how to successfully navigate the perceived choppy waters based on experience.

Finally, any potential sentence that could be imposed upon conviction may only be the beginning of the challenges you face; a DUI conviction on your record can affect your driving privileges both in Arizona and other states, may impact your job and might impede you from traveling to certain countries.

With a qualified and properly trained DUI attorney, help starts before you ever walk in the door. The DUI lawyer should have extensive years of DUI experience in Arizona, via DUI law, depositions of officers, DUI jury trials, DUI pre-trial hearings, and the science behind DUI.

Seek Experience

The attorney should be trained thoroughly in DUI and involved in local and national affiliations to give their clients the edge.

The DUI lawyer should understand the science behind DUI cases, including the Standardized Field Tests, the HGN, the DRE and the studies that support (and mostly do not) the purported claims by the government.

Well Versed in the Current Science of Testing

Further, the DUI lawyer should know the intricacies of DUI blood testing and breath testing, what to look for when examining the accuracy and reliability of the machines, and how alcohol and drugs affect the human body.

This person should be able to review your case for legal problems, fight to preclude certain evidence from being admitted at trial, expose scientific shortcomings, and consult with and obtain expert witnesses to testify at trial.

You should only look for the best, and if your DUI lawyer isn’t up to par on these issues, you should think twice about retaining them.

Personal Attention to Your Case

An attorney with extensive DUI experience should “try” cases himself, not delegate that task to subordinates. Too much is at stake to play “hot potato” with your future. Your attorney should be able to examine both the scientific and legal aspects of your case and provide you with the best defense and advice available.

DUI cases are some of the most complex cases in the criminal justice system, and your situation deserves the attention and guidance of someone who knows those complexities like the back of their hand.