It’s 2022, and although we are still dealing with some of the ramifications of Covid-19, there are bright spots on the horizon, and those bright spots look like tacos, tequila, and some Mariachi music!

Yes, Damas y Caballeros, today is Cinco de Mayo, and we are ready to celebrate with our Southern neighbors. 

Although we still encourage you to use caution and keep others healthy, we hope that you’ll be able to enjoy yourselves, whether you feel comfortable heading out to enjoy the last vestiges of patio dining during decent weather or whether you’re going to make yourself a plate of tri-tip nachos in the oven. You can thank me later on the tri-tip recommendation.

How Will You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

So if you do feel comfortable heading out, what can you do here in the Phoenix area to partake in the festivities?  Well, the options aren’t as diverse and voluminous as in years past, but many restaurants are offering specials for this festive day.

You can check out the different options, including Barrio Queen’s Luche Libre contest, Blanco Tacos happy hour, and Guac Star’s $5 margs. 

The margarita-to-go that we got to enjoy last year has since been prohibited by the governor, meaning you’ll have to either enjoy your cocktail at the restaurant or mix up your own at home. 

This leads us to…you guessed it, DUIs.

DUI Enforcement the Holiday

Expect law enforcement agencies to be on the lookout for suspected impaired drivers tonight, ready to arrest drivers for DUIs in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe, to name a few of the more lively spots in the Valley. 

Although the pandemic initially curbed a lot of behaviors due to stay-at-home orders, the winter holiday season still resulted in lots of arrests.  Although there might be surge pricing on Uber or Lyft, don’t risk it if you feel impaired to the slightest degree.  

If You Get Pulled Over – Here’s What to Do

However, if you or someone you know does get pulled over this year, know your rights. 

The Field Sobriety Tests and eye test (HGN) are not mandatory, and you can refuse without suffering a legal penalty. 

However, if lawfully arrested on suspicion of DUI, the police can lawfully request you to voluntarily submit to blood or breath tests. If you refuse, they can seek to have your Arizona driver’s license suspended for at least a full year. 

The Complexity of DUI Arrests

DUI cases are complex, involving constitutional issues, lots of science, and negotiation skills.

Thankfully, we here at the Law Offices of Mark DuBiel have almost 30 years of experience in this field. This includes taking cases to the Arizona Supreme Court, teaching trial advocacy to law students and other lawyers, and educating lawyers and the public, alike, on the various aspects of scientific issues when it comes to DUIs.

In other words, we are here to help if you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, and we have the skill sets to get you the best result possible. 

With that in mind, felíz Cinco de Mayo and have a fun and responsible fiesta!