To Whom It May Concern:
Mr. DuBiel presided over a trial advocacy course at the Phoenix School of Law. As a second year student I had the pleasure of attending this class. Throughout the course Mr. DuBiel went above and beyond to teach the requisite skills necessary to become a competent and effective trial attorney. Mr. DuBiel always gave precise instructions and demonstrations of individual trial court methods. These actions embodied the adage of “leading by example.” In addition, Mr. DuBiel gave clarification and insight into the rules of evidence. Mr. DuBiel’s extensive knowledge of this area of law led many of my classmates to state that the course was not only a lesson in trial practice but also a seminar in applied evidence. Throughout the course it was evident that Mr. DuBiel sought to cultivate talent from every single student’s unique set of skills. I am proud to recommend Mr. DuBiel.


Satisfied Client, Phoenix, AZ