To Whom It May Concern:
My experience working with Mark DuBiel on my DUI case was not only the best legal transaction I have ever been a part of, it was also the most professional and satisfying customer experience I have ever had. My case in particular was one of extremes and as a small business owner and active member of the local community I was extraordinarily concerned with both the legal ramifications and the personal/professional ramifications of my case if convicted.

Because the outcome of my case was of such great importance, I took the time to interview more than five arizona DUI attorneys in town including some of the valley’s largest firms. After meeting with Mark, I felt that he had the most concern and interest in my case and I was correct. Right from the beginning Mark took great care in dealing with my case as I was told he would by the multitude of satisfied customers who had referred me to his office. I was impressed not only with Mark’s diligence but also the diligence and professionalism of his assistant, Suzanna. I felt that the entire team was focused and working hard on my behalf; whether we were simply scheduling appointments or conducting case-critical interrogations of officers and key witnesses, everything was handled as if the case depended on it.

In the end, the trust that I placed in Mark and the hard work of him and his team paid off. My case, again one of extremes, was dismissed completely. In fact, I did not receive so much as a speeding ticket in a case that could have potentially placed me in jail for months and damaged or even ended my career. Mark delved deep enough into the details of my case to discover violations of my Miranda rights as well as misconduct on behalf of the arresting officer; details that if over looked, could have affected me for years to come.

I am so satisfied with my experience that I have since referred a number of friends and colleagues to Mark and advised them that there is simply no better Arizona DUI Lawyer in DUI/DWI cases in Arizona and I urge you to take my testimony in to careful consideration as your consider who to select as your representation. It is a decision that will affect you forever and there are no better hands to place such a critical aspect of your life in than that of Mark DuBiel.


Local Business Owner, Satisfied Customer, Phoenix, AZ