As a senior executive for a professional sports team, I received a call from one of our players that he was arrested for a DUI. We found ourselves in a challenging circumstance — a criminal matter outside of our jurisdiction. It was imperative for our player to have high quality representation during these proceedings. There were many attorneys whom our player could choose from in the Valley. But Mark DuBiel was highly recommended to our organization. His expertise in the criminal area was a must and given the fact that Mr. DuBiel had had represented many professional athletes in all sports previously gave us assurance that the case would be properly handled. The work done with our player exceeded our expectations. Mr. DuBiel kept us well-informed and updated throughout the matter, answered all our questions, and provided simple explanations. In addition, Mr. DuBiel advocated passionately for our player, his client. Although our organization does not condone drinking and driving, if a player does get arrested for a DUI, we would certainly retain Mr. DuBiel in the future without hesitation.

L.D., Phoenix, AZ