As a young professional just starting out my career in Scottsdale, AZ, when I was charged of an extreme DUI in the later months of 2012 I felt utterly helpless. I could only think of the foremost consequences and hardships I could be facing if found guilty of my charge both monetarily and occupationally. Due to Mark Dubiel’s unparalleled reputation throughout the valley I was recommended to him by a close friend, who was a previous client of his, the night of the incident. I did not even think twice about hiring Mark as my attorney and called him first thing the following morning.

From our initial conversation via telephone, I could sense Mark’s assertiveness to providing the best representation possible for every single one of his clients and was even able to meet with him in person that same day. After reviewing and discussing the details of my case with Mark I was immediately put at ease concerning the entire situation. From that point on, the next four months leading up to my extreme DUI ultimately being dropped to a wreck less driving conviction, could not have been handled in a more professional and satisfying way in relation to him and his assistant’s effective communication, Mark’s expertise and unsurpassed knowledge and intelligence in this field, and his palpable concern and care for his clients and their futures.

I would with the upmost confidence recommend Mark as their az dui attorney to anyone charged with a DUI of any degree for his or her choice of representation. It is practically unheard of to have an extreme DUI charge dropped to only a wreck less driving conviction with no other statutes than a fine and the minimum amount of alcohol education classes required by law. Had I not chosen Mark as my attorney, there is no saying what position I could be in right now, but it would definitely not be a good one. Mark told me, “If there’s a will, there’s a way”, and he far exceeded the weight that simple statement can hold.


Satisfied Client, Phoenix, AZ