underage drinking DUITempe has seen an increase in efforts to crack down on underage alcohol consumption over the last several weeks, and will continue on through ASU’s graduation week. The city’s Youth Alcohol Enforcement campaign reported over 270 alcohol-related arrests as a result of these increased efforts. The goal is to reduce the number of serious accidents and, mainly, reduce the number of DUI violations. In 2011, there were 1,695 total DUIs, down from 1,918 in 2009. The Office of Highway Safety, the ASU Police Department, and the Arizona Department of Liquor Control are all partnering up to deal with these problems. Since the campaign started, there have been 184 reported MIC violations, 45 MIP violations, 9 violations of Furnishing to Minors, 17 DUI arrests, 1 Aggravated DUI arrest, 2 DUIs under 21, and 7 kegs seized. Since the crackdown, these arrests and charges are more frequent and may not all be substantiated. After all, in a college town, being in the wrong place at the wrong time especially at a party can put you in potentially legally harmful situations such as these. If you are charged with any of these violations, it is important that you get an attorney to give you good advice to help you make important decisions and properly deal with these serious charges.