MargaritasIt’s that time of year again here in the southwest , the Fifth of May, where we celebrate Mexican heritage and pride and the Mexican Army’s 1862 victory over the French Army in the historical Battle of Puebla. It is also the date that we break out our recipes for famous chips and salsa, margaritas, and celebrate the beginning of summertime.

As you’re salsa dancing the night away, you may start to feel the effects of that third strawberry margarita. Watch out, because what starts out as a spirited celebration can turn into some serious legal problems if you aren’t careful. The DUI task force in Arizona is aware of and ready for all the festivities that will be going on this Saturday. The six new DUI task force vans that the AZ Department of Public Safety purchased last November will be posted in locations around the state this Saturday. So if you think you may have had too much tequila and may not be okay to drive, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

These six vans will be fully equipped and posted with phlebotomists on hand to draw blood as evidence, as well as other equipment for testing the blood alcohol content of DUI suspects. This is a typical occurrence, as celebrations and other general mayhem are in abundance during any major holiday.

If something does happen either to you or somebody that you know, be sure to either use or give them the advice posted in our previous article regarding your rights and
liberties during a DUI investigation. Keep in mind that blood tests and other forensic analyses are not infallible, a fact that a good DUI lawyer should be familiar with. Guidelines exist for a reason, including following testing procedures, maintaining good functional testing equipment, testing within acceptable ranges, and other scientific standards for quality control. Laboratories should maintain stringent records of these procedures, but they often don’t. This would be the first place a good lawyer should investigate when there is any doubt about the accuracy or reliability of a forensic BAC test.

Remember our February 3rd article? It is not a good idea to rely on your smart phone to calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC). Since there are too many factors to consider, it isn’t always accurate. You don’t necessarily have to drink to have a great time, but if you’ve had too much, it’s much safer to call a cab than it is to attempt to drive home. You’re better off just sleeping in on your friends’ couch. After all, the next day isn’t a workday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!