Have a Safe and Happy Fourth!

Phoenix and the Fourth of July go together like . . . oil and water.  When the mercury is pushing 110° F, it’s no surprise that the population in Maricopa County seems to decrease by half!  But despite the heat, we still like a good celebration, and really, it’s almost bearable once the sun dips below the horizon.  We hope you have a safe and happy Fourth, so please keep the following in mind.

The heat, by itself, can be dangerous, causing the human body to become dehydrated and suffer headaches, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke.  But on a day where barbecues and beers are almost as prevalent as fireworks and flags, we need to be extra cautious!  It’s important to recognize that alcohol affects the human body in various ways.  Alcohol is a diuretic and inhibits the hormone that tells your body to retain water—so your body does not conserve or reabsorb water as it normally would.  Even if you may be ingesting more fluids than normal, your body is also working double-time to get rid of them.  As your body eliminates these fluids, it also loses electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and calcium, which are all needed in order for your body to function and give you energy.  And consider that after heavier drinking, when you’re suffering from a hangover, it’s not abnormal for you to sweat—causing your body to lose more water and more salts–thereby perpetuating the dehydration and ill feelings.  You feel worn out, tired, and have a headache.  If you’re finishing off that last sip of beer in the sun and about to get a fresh, cold one, go inside for a bit and have a glass of water first.  Keep your body happy so that you can enjoy the rest of the festivities with your family and friends!

Don’t chance driving impaired or with a BAC over .08—you can end up with a suspended license, jail time, interlock device, and $2000+ in fines.  Please make sure that you and your fellow firecrackers have a safe ride home.  Law enforcement will be patrolling the roads and lakes, and you should expect to see DUI checkpoints, like ones on this map, throughout the Valley.

We hope you have a very happy 4th of July!