Happy Labor Day weekend! This is a weekend that many have been looking forward to, the last holiday of summertime. To celebrate, events are taking place all over Arizona this weekend. Holiday weekends are always a cause for increased DUI enforcement and patrol. The risk is not worth taking, as forces will be joined from police departments all over the valley to look for DUI violations. If you or a friend do happen to be arrested, here are a few things that you should know, especially with the harsh punishments for DUI here in Arizona.

  • For a first-time DUI, if you refuse a blood or breath test after you are arrested, your driver’s license can be DUI arrest arizona attorney Miranda rightssuspended for up to a year. For a second offense, this can go up to two years. Officers can still obtain a search warrant to draw your blood anyway, so the risk of losing yourlicense for such a long period of time may not be worth it.
  • Don’t answer any police questions that you are not comfortable answering. Remember the Miranda warnings that are read to those who are arrested. You do have the right to remain silent, andyou should exercise it. Your statements may be used against you later in court. Answer what you need to (name, license & registration, etc.) and request to speak with an attorney right away.
  • A DUI charge can involve extra paperwork and explanation, especially if you are a licensed practitioner or a state employee. Nurses and doctors must notify the State Board of their charges. If you have a job where driving is a necessity, a suspended license can potentially impact your employment. However, if you do retain an attorney, a hearing before the MVD board can help this situation. After a 30-day period of suspension, a restricted driver’s license may be obtained to go to school and/or work.

Hiring a DUI attorney can help you properly defend your case. There may be defensible circumstances in your case that could help to reduce or possibly even get your charges dismissed. If this is your first DUI charge, alternative punishments may be available. If this is your second DUI or otherwise, a good attorney will work to try and get the least harsh outcome possible. Punishments for second or third offenses can be incredibly harsh, and you shouldn’t have to face the charges and potential harsh punishments without a knowledgeable attorney to assist you. A good DUI attorney will be able to work with you and your needs to reach the best outcome possible.