Ahh, Thanksgiving!  A time to celebrate the bounty of our lands and our relationships with other people.  While Tater and Tot are giving thanks that they can live to see November 25, 2016 together, the rest of us are busily preparing for time with our families and friends.  While family togetherness can be stressful alone, a few things have happened this past year that may add to the stress.  But did you know that in 1861, writer Sarah Hale sought a nationwide celebration, hoping that we Americans would “put aside sectional feelings and local incidents”?  Two years later, President Lincoln proclaimed that our nation should observe and celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday each November in hopes to “heal the wounds of the nation.”  Wise words!

So gather together around your feast and focus on your favorite football teams and how to maximize your eating.  Start a new tradition with your family, like making a gloriously tacky “hand turkey” tablecloth or asking a different person each year to invent and bring their own green bean casserole recipe (no one eats it anyway, right?). 

Whatever you do together, make sure that everyone stays safe!  As we’ve written in the past, all of the high-calorie food and drink—and increased consumption—can throw off your normal digestion, resulting in delayed alcohol absorption and elimination rates.  Don’t take any chance of getting a DUI—criminal fines and penalties exponentially exceed that hiked-up uber fee!  If you or someone you know is arrested, make sure to contact a Phoenix DUI attorney.  We’ve also seen an abnormally high amount of collisions this past week, so don’t drive distracted and remember that there are a lot of other people on the road. 

We wish you all a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!