As the year and the decade close, we like to get sentimental here at the Law Offices of Mark D. DuBiel and take a stroll down memory lane of New Year’s Eves gone by. Do you remember New Year’s Eve 2012? Not really? Well some of us were disappointed that the world hadn’t ended ten days earlier when the Mayan calendar said it would.  What about the year when I decided to head to a fancy shmancy Gatsby-themed bash downtown only to see uber rates surge seven times what I had paid to get there four hours earlier? Honestly, one of my favorite New Year’s was when I had a cold (thus a great excuse to stay home) and made mimosas out of a bottle of champagne and some orange-flavored Emergen-C tabs while watching my favorite movies and eating some great pizza.

For me, those New Years memories are little snapshots of hope, disappointment, happiness, frustration, and sometimes, surprising joy and contentment where I wouldn’t expect it.  New Year’s brings with it the dichotomies of recollection and looking forward, of taking account of the past year and starting with a clean slate. But for all the looking forward, clean slates, and resolutions, we’re still the same people. The problems from the year before follow us forward and we know we’ll make mistakes. Challenges that may have seemed insurmountable the year before have faded into the ether and new ones have risen to take their place. Hopefully, though, we’ll grow and become wiser, stronger, and kinder in the year ahead. We will have opportunities where we will succeed, others where we will fail. We can choose to focus on the failures and frustrations, or we can be encouraged by our successes and growth.  For me, I’m choosing the latter, despite how hard that may be some days.

I hope you’ll choose that, too.

So raise your glasses with us as we usher in a new day, a new year, and a new decade.  We’re hoping for a great year ahead in 2020, and we’re wishing you all the best.

Happy New Year from the Law Offices of Mark D. DuBiel!