Within the first three months after relocating to Arizona, and just after an hour after departing a Tempe bar, I was pulled over on the highway for going under the speed limit and arrested for driving under the influence.

Imagine: Moving to a state where DUI Laws are strictly enforced, having only a handful of friends, and knowing you’re about to face serious consequences with little knowledge of your rights. If by fate and extreme luck, one of my friends in the handful immediately recommended Mark DuBiel.

After facing the initial shock, denial and reluctance of what occurred that night, I knew I needed the best in AZ defense.

I remember interrupting Mr. DuBiel on the weekend with my nightmare store. He remained very constructive and considerate throughout the entire three months of Pre-Trial conferences, DMV and criminal hearings. There’s a significant amount of control and professional pride in Mark’s style of defense.

I’m honored to recommend Mark DuBiel and I look forward the day when I can hand his card to someone I care about with full confidence that I’m passing over the best in AZ DUI defense.

Thanks again, Mark.

M.M., Tempe, AZ