Earlier this year, our family took a week long vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona. One evening, after dinner and drinks with friends, my wife left to take two of our children back to our nearby hotel. Unfortunately, a routine traffic stop resulted in a Felony charge of an Aggravated DUI since the children in the car were under 16 years of age. My wife was taken to the Scottsdale jail. Because we were living in Canada she was considered a flight risk, so was held overnight until her arraignment the following day.

Not having any ties to the Scottsdale area, I was unsure as to where to turn in securing an attorney to help us navigate through the process. Fortunately, a friend had some high level connections in the city and through those connections, Mark DuBiel was highly recommended to us. After posting bail and securing the release of my wife, Mark quickly took control of the situation. From our first consultation with Mark until our next appearance before the judge, Mark was in contact with us in Canada on several occasions regarding the events of the night and his strategy going forward. My wife was required to return to Arizona for appearances before the judge over the next few months, meeting with Mark before and after each one in an effort to keep us abreast of what was transpiring. Our confidence in Mark continued to build as it became clear to us he was very experienced in dealing with these matters before the court and would be able to effectively represent our interests against the Prosecution.

From the beginning, Mark was upfront about how the process would likely unfold and what our best course of action was likely to be. The potential outcomes as well as the risks of the various scenarios were fully explained. In the end, the situation unfolded much as Mark had described and Mark secured, based on the circumstances he was presented with, a very favorable outcome resulting in a reduced charge from a Felony to a Misdemeanor.

In sum, we were extremely pleased with Mark’s representation and would highly recommend his services to others in need of an Arizona DUI Lawyer.

J.W., Scottsdale, AZ