Happy Cinco de Mayo . . . with a twist!  We’re still excited for the tacos and tequila, but this year it’s just a bit different.  For starters, we’re all stuck at home, so we have to make our own fiestas with those we’re sheltering with.  No bars or restaurants are open yet to sit down and share multiple pitchers of the good stuff.  The crowds that used to be at Loco Patron or El Hefe will just have to wait for another occasion.  Secondly, you’re going to have to make that margarita yourself or do a to go order, which we discussed in our last piece.  It’s possible to lawfully obtain a Marg-to-go from your favorite local restaurant, but please wait until you’re home and out of your car to begin celebrating and imbibing.  Finally, under normal circumstances, we would be telling you about the East Valley DUI task force patrolling the streets vigilantly.  Officers from different jurisdictions have traditionally joined forces to saturate the valley and look for impaired drivers.  This year, though, the law enforcement agencies have been pretty quiet.  It doesn’t seem as though there will be any task force happening for this holiday, but please make sure that you’re driving sober if you head out to pick up some extra chips and guac.  If you’re drinking at home, have fun!  You’re not likely to get in trouble unless you start throwing things at your French neighbors who aren’t partying because they’re sore losers.  One final recommendation: piñatas.  Have you watched a blindfolded adult who’s had a few go after a paper donkey with a stick?  Have fun, celebrate Cinco, drink responsibly, and if you’re not going anywhere, it’s okay to have that extra tasty margarita!