The Holiday Season is not quite over here in Scottsdale, Arizona, and there is still one week left in this roller coaster of a year.  But before we regale our readers with a timely recap of the year, a word to the wise. With one week left in the year, there is still time for law enforcement to end the year on a high note by ramping up DUI arrests to seal off what has been a wild ride for DUI patrols this year.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety held its “Statewide Holiday DUI Task Force Press Conference” on November 29th to kick off the statewide “Holiday Enforcement Campaign,” hoping to solidify the popular “Drive Hammered, Get Nailed” slogan up and into 2017, promising vigilant patrols throughout this holiday season.  Also, don’t forget about “zero tolerance zones” discussed here.  Hopefully grandma has slowed down in that carpool lane.

DUI Enforcement is Up

DUI arrests were up over the Thanksgiving weekend this year from last year, and during the month of December, some notable DUI happenings: a car with a driver suspected of driving under the influence crashed into Phoenix’s “Persian Garden Café” and Cardinals player Mike Floyd was arrested for DUI in Scottsdale.

Temptation and Risk of DUI is High

We know (and so does the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety) that during this time of year, drivers are increasingly at risk for DUI and other traffic-related arrests, accidents, and deaths.  Travel increases along with dangerous road and weather conditions; stress levels increase and patience levels decrease due to everything from extended Black Friday sales to talking politics at the dinner table (that last one is enough to drive anyone to the bottle).

Patrols are up and with one week to go, here’s to finishing out the year peacefully and safely.

NYE here we come!