Break out the green beer, St. Patrick’s Day is here! This Sunday, March 17th marks the holiday celebrating the patron saint of Ireland. Celebrations and events are taking place all over the Valley (click here for a guide), and they will no doubt be lively, with music, food, dancing, prizes and giveaways. So get in the mood to celebrate with some Irish music, a pint of Guinness and hit the town!

Here are a few important things to remember:

St Patricks Day AZDUI Phoenix 2013

  • Say (or write)“St. Paddy’s Day,” and not “St. Patty’s Day” to avoid the risk of being corrected by rowdy revelers.
  • Don’t forget to wear something green (a shirt or jacket will do). This will save you from being pinched by pesky partygoers.
  • There are many events over town to enjoy. Don’t rely on Irish luck to get home safely, keep a few cab numbers handy just in case a ride or DD falls through.
  • Don’t celebrate and drive, this is also a high DUI risk holiday. If you’re feeling a little ‘green,’ find another way home.

The upcoming 50th anniversary of several landmark cases (Miranda v. Arizona, and Gideon v. Wainwright) guarantee both the 5th Amendment right to remain silent, and the 6th Amendment right to counsel. If you are a friend are arrested or questioned, always remember to politely exercise these rights. These Constitutional rights exist to protect you. As you know, DUI Task Forces are posted at points all over the valley on these holidays.

This year, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is funding 40 statewide police agencies to be posted from the East and West Valley, scanning from Saturday evening until early Monday morning. So take the Metro or other public transportation, call a taxi, or ride with a designated driver. You won’t want to miss these Valley-wide celebrations (for example, this Sunday, the Fountain Hills fountain will be dyed green!), but if you start seeing leprechauns, don’t drive. Find an alternate way to get home instead.