The favorite holiday of kids and adults alike. When else is it acceptable to dress up like a zombie or Richard Nixon, eat candy and party the night away?

halloween DUI lawyer phoenixThere certainly may be others, but Halloween is definitely at the top. Handing out candy at the door and “ooh-ing” and “aww-ing” over the little princesses and little Power Rangers is fun and brings back great childhood memories. We adults can still celebrate too, but the celebration styles change. The Valley is overrun with things to do this year, ranging from performances to musical events to good, old-fashioned parties. (Click here for an event list!).

Theaters are holding showings of old classics like “Halloween,” “Nightmare on Elm Street,” and other slasher flicks. Tonight, Biltmore Fashion Park will be screening Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.” The Crescent ballroom is holding a costume party, and Haunted Houses will be open.You may be meeting up with friends, enjoying a few drinks, and checking out at all of the great costumes this year.

 Keep in mind that Halloween is treated just like any other major holiday. Parties and downtown celebrations are expected, and police forces will be preparing for them. In fact, police forces in major cities all over the country are announcing preparations for tonight’s celebrations. Expect to see or pass by DUI checkpoints and patrols all night, especially in well-traveled areas around the Valley.

You may be having a great time with friends, having a few drinks and joking about how many “Gangnam Style” costumes there are this year. But don’t be tricked into thinking you’re okay to drive at the end of the night. Even a seemingly small amount may affect you more than you realize, and the risk is not worth taking. So if your designated driver falls through, or you find yourself unable to drive your car, take a cab home or plan on crashing at a friend’s house. If you or a friend do happen to be stopped, always remember your rights. Understand that DUI screening efforts will be heightened tonight, but remember that you don’t have to answer questions you aren’t comfortable with; you have the right to remain silent. Be polite and give officers the paperwork they ask you for, but do not consent to any Field Sobriety Tests or handheld breath tests, and always, always request to speak with an attorney right away if you are arrested.

Happy Halloween!