Does anyone really need an excuse to eat tacos?

Nope.  I’ll be eating tacos, anyway, but go ahead, I’m listening!

Today is Cinco de Mayo—not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day (that’s on September 16).  May 5 celebrates a victory for the underdogs, a day when people fought for themselves, their families, and their country.  Although many of us here in the United States don’t have a direct connection to those in the Mexican Army who beat the French in the Battle of Puebla, most of us love to see someone rise above their challenges.  From Rocky Balboa to the Cubs, we root for those who want to prove themselves.  And when those people not only overcome adversity, but then introduce us to machaca beef, tamales, and tequila, we’re smitten.  So get your fiesta on this weekend!

So what can you do here in the Phoenix area to partake in the festivities?  You can check out the Cinco de Mayo Block Party in Tempe, take a photo with Pancho the mini donkey in Scottsdale, check out ballet folklórico and lucha libre wrestling, or just enjoy some delicious, traditional dishes.  Heading north?  Snowbowl, in Flagstaff, is having a slightly untraditional skiing fiesta where you can still hit the slopes—with free lift tickets on Sunday—and enjoy some après ski enchiladas and café con leche.

No se olvide—that means don’t forget—you won’t be the only ones out on the town this weekend.  So as entertaining as you and your buddy’s Santo and Blue Demon re-enactment in a bar might seem, expect your local police to be cracking down on everything from disorderly conduct to trespassing to driving under the influence.  Last year, the Phoenix Police Department took to Twitter to remind people to drive sober rather than risk getting arrested for DUI.  So even if you don’t see any amusing memes from The Most Interesting Man in the World this year, please be safe and remind your friends and family to drive sober, too!