Safety and the July 4 Holiday

July in Arizona. It’s been referred to as a blazing inferno and somehow we suffer through it year after year, wishing those monsoon clouds on the horizon would make their way overhead, if for no other reason but to block out the sun. So if you’re not one of the lucky ones escaping to California for the holiday weekend (or even if you are), keep a few things in mind.

  • Hydrate. Whether you’re out in the pool, barbecuing, or watching fireworks, remember that in this heat, your body constantly needs to be replenished with water and electrolytes. If you’re getting a headache, that’s an early sign of dehydration. So when you’re thirsty, drink water first, beer and sangria later.
  • Celebrate safely. Our country is having its 238th birthday, and we have much to celebrate and be thankful for. Please remember to be safe. If you’re purchasing fireworks, check your jurisdiction to see if or where you can safely set them off so your neighbors don’t call the police. Child drownings in the Valley this summer have already passed last year’s total; make sure that someone is always keeping an eye on children and the water.
  • Plan ahead. If you and your friends and family will be drinking, make plans ahead of time to ensure that everyone gets home safely. Select a designated driver (and promise to return the favor soon), take a taxi, or make sure the sheets in the spare bedroom are clean. There will be heavy law enforcement presence on the roads this weekend. There will be task forces throughout the East Valley in Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler, as well as another task force posted in South Scottsdale. If you’re heading up to Lake Havasu, there will be DUI checkpoints on those roads as well.

All of us at azdui.com wish you a fantastic Fourth of July. Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!!

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