Dear Mark,

I cannot thank you enough for effort you put into my case and the excellent representation you provided. I am so glad that I chose to hire you as a lawyer and am extremely happy with the results. I will definitely be referring you to anyone I know that is in need of a good lawyer.

For those of you who are reading or reviewing these testimonials and are considering to hire Mark I will share my story with you. Basically not to long ago I was sited for an extreme DUI which included my vehicle being totaled and myself agreeing to every test or thing the police officer said so later on it looked like a helpless case. I was even told by another attorney that there was very little he could do to help me do too the fact that I had a prior DUI a couple years before that. Anyways about a month before my pretrial I had already made my mind up I would just go with a public defender and take my chances. Then a close friend urged my family and I that I hire an attorney and referred Mark. I met with Mark and although I had very little time until my pretrial he agreed to represent me and I hired him. He basically broke down all the facts and was very straight forward about what may happen or what could happen. He also was able to push my pretrial back for a good amount of time until sometime in September he called me and we went over the offered Plea agreement. Next thing you know we went to pretrial everything went smooth and according to plan and I ended up receiving only 24 hours in LBJ, mandatory DUI classes, and one year with an interlock in my car. It was identical to the plea I was offered for my first DUI which was like a miracle. Instead of having to do a minimum of four months in tent city I now only have to do 24 hours. So if you have a case that seems helpless or one that you think requires an attorney Mark is definitely the guy to hire.

Thank you,

Mike T., Phoenix, AZ