In March of 2009, my friend and I were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. The items in question were not my own. The police officer also accused me of drinking, which I hadn’t been, and charged me with a ( MIC ) Minor in Consumption of Alcohol without even giving me a breathalyzer test. I felt that I had been charged with two crimes that I hadn’t committed.

Mark DuBiel was the first lawyer I have ever had to hire. My entire experience with Mark and his law office was great; they kept me informed of everything that was happening with my case as much as they could. Mark treated me more like a friend that a client. He was able to get my case pled down to just a littering ticket which was taken off my record the same day that the case was resolved. Bottom line Mark kept me out of jail and I am so glad I hired him rather than someone else.

S.C., Phoenix, AZ