Science Wins!

It should be obvious: the foundation for a DUI prosecution is a breath or blood test showing that your alcohol content was above the .08 legal limit. The test is chemical in nature and 100% scientific, but it is neither 100% accurate nor 100% reliable. An Arizona Supreme Court ruling and countless jury trials conducted in Arizona over the past five years revealed that crime labs have not been compliant with the national standards required for these chemical tests. Further, these tests are only one aspect of the science used in a DUI case! Did you know that the officer's observations of your driving, your answers, actions, and demeanor post-stop, and performance on the Field Sobriety Tests are all related to scientific research and concepts?

If your lawyer doesn't understand the science that applies to all aspects of your DUI case, then you're not getting the best defense possible.

The Law Offices of Mark D. DuBiel regularly attacks the science applied in DUI cases, both before and during trial, with exceptional results. Mark doesn't just use this science to help his clients in the courtroom: he has authored chapters on scientific DUI defense in national publications and has given lectures to other attorneys to help them improve their understanding and use of science. Mark is dedicated to you and is dedicated to using science in defending your case!