Well, 2018…bye!

T-minus 12 hours and counting!  And what a year 2018 has been!  New Year’s Eve marks the last big celebration of the holiday season and can be just as stressful as its companion celebrations of the season—but you already survived Thanksgiving and Christmas, so let loose!  For some reason, we feel we must pay a proper homage to the departing year as if it was an old friend moving away.  We have to go out with a bang.  We plan and prep, find the perfect outfit, the perfect event, stand in incredibly long lines, and pay exorbitant admission for over-priced drinks and to snap that one selfie to say you did it and you did it in style!

For those of us who may not be up for all the pomp and circumstance and would rather let 2018 pass by in a more low key fashion, try an alternative way to celebrate this year, loaded with lots of self-care, reflection, and gratitude, complete with its own hashtag #AltNYE because a NYE without social media might be a bit too alternative, right?

This fun list of alternative NYE celebrations include things like making a “time-capsule”— sit down and write a letter to your future self to open on NYE 2019.  This is a great way to reflect on your personal growth while setting goals for the upcoming year.  This can be done with friends, family, or by yourself and can be as simple or ceremonious as you want it to be.  Other fun and relaxing low key ways to spend NYE include:

  • Have a board games night.
  • Host a sleepover.
  • Go to a fancy cinema or set up your own at home.
  • Host a dinner or cocktail party.
  • Go star gazing.
  • Or just relax in bed with your favorite book, movie, or treat.

For those of you still dead set on a wild night to remember (or not remember), there is still time to head out for a night on the town.  There is no shortage of NYE parties to attend.  Check out a list of parties and events here.  From raves to masquerade balls, from speed dating to basketball parties, Arizona has got you covered.

If you are planning to go out tonight, remember that the holiday season is the most dangerous time of year, particularly on New Year’s when so many celebrations revolve around consuming alcoholic beverages.  Law enforcement continues in full enforcement through the New Year, and DUI arrests are up.

If you are hosting your #AltNYE, make sure your guests have safe rides home or a place to stay if you are serving alcohol.  If you really want to get into this idea of an alternative celebration, try foregoing alcohol all together with these delicious non-alcoholic festive cocktails.

However you choose to ring in the New Year, alternative or not, stay safe, drive sober, and always know your rights!

See you in 2019!