NCDD: Summer Seminar 2013

The National College of DUI Defense hosted its annual seminar at Harvard University. I’ve spent the last few days in Cambridge, MA attending seminars, studying materials, participating in “mock trials” and listening to presentations from national speakers in the field of DUI defense.


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to a seminar on effective cross-examinations.  At the end of the lecture, we performed mock cross-examination of a DUI stop officer . Below is an example of one of the fantastic presentations by a Regent:

We followed up in the afternoon with a presentation given by internationally renowned scientist A.W. Jones (who lives in Sweden), a pioneer in alcohol research and its effects on the human body. I had the privilege of meeting him personally after the seminar, and discussed issues relevant to the forensic challenges faced in our jurisdiction regarding blood alcohol testing. 

On graduation day, the keynote speech was given by nationally acclaimed defense attorney Marvin Schechter, a member of the 2009 National Academy of Sciences’ multi-disciplinary committee that extensively reviewed and issued a national report, critical of the criminal justice system which has allowed wrongful convictions (including wrongful executions) based on faulty forensic science. His speech was informational, motivational and urged attendees to become more active in their respective communities in challenging forensics used in a scientifically unacceptable manner.  This seminar has been enlightening, invigorating, and has motivated me to fight even harder for defendants accused of DUI. 

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